Sharon Doublet Immersion November 2010

Maria uses aural (CD's, interviews, radio) and visual (DVD's, games, flash-cards etc) methods to teach, recording lessons on MP3, so you can listen back!She gave me a booklet, containing printouts of all the subjects we covered…

I am English, aged 51, and own a property management business in the UK. I live in the UK but it is my hope to ultimately live in Spain.
I have dabbled in learning the language over the years, but it was not until I met with Maria, that I feel my comprehension and conversational Spanish really progressed.
I met Maria through a friend around 7 years ago and it has proved the most valuable and enlightening introduction during my time in Spain.
She is, without doubt, the best Spanish teacher I have ever had the pleasure to learn with.

In November 2010, I decided to do an immersion course with her, staying at her house for a week.
I have a house in La Manga and I love the area as there is so much to do, and different places to visit. The location is also well-placed for visiting other parts of Spain.
My room was clean and bright with a wardrobe and desk, with a shower room next to it.
We spent around three hours a day on one-to-one lessons, and at times I participated with other classes of students, all of which was very worthwhile.
Maria uses aural (CD's, spoken text, interviews, television, radio) and visual (DVD's, books, games, cards etc) methods to teach, recording lessons on MP3, so you can listen back and find even more to learn!
She also gave me a booklet, containing printouts of all the subjects we covered, which I have found invaluable. Her amazing and inspiring website has links for radio and TV to further my listening skills.
I spent the rest of the time doing homework, and talking with Maria. We went swimming, walking, shopping, and to flamenco together during my stay.
It is an immersion course in language and spanish life and I cannot recommend it highly enough as it has helped me more than all the years of lessons.
The meals with Maria were an education too, as she maintains an organic and healthy diet and I enjoyed the shopping, cooking and consumption of good quality food, especially the Tofu burgers!
We have talked about some lessons via Skype and this is something I will endeavour to do in order to maintain my Spanish when I am in the UK. I think Skype lessons is truly innovative and is indicative of the way in which Maria is always thinking of improving her unique approach to teaching her students, wherever they are.

I think that one of the things that impresses me most about Maria, is that she really cares about her students. She has given my children Spanish lessons and her ability to adapt her techniques to various different learning strategies is remarkable.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Just take a look at her website to get a taste of how truly inspirational and unique she is. And then book in!!