Sharon Doublet Immersion November 2010

Maria uses aural (CD's, interviews, radio) and visual (DVD's, games, flash-cards etc) methods to teach, recording lessons on MP3, so you can listen back!She gave me a booklet, containing printouts of all the subjects we covered… ver detalle

publication date: 07/04/2011

Liz Collins Immersion February 2011

Maria’s aim was to stop me from doing a double translation ie. Listening to the Spanish, translating it into English then translating my response from English back into Spanish – no wonder it takes me a long time to reply! She has a unique way of teaching how to learn and remember the verbs. I wish I had studied this method in the beginning... In conclusion I really enjoyed ‘the immersion’ , I learnt a lot,and gained confidence. Am I still double translating? Yes, but not all the time and I believe that I have started to think in Spanish thanks to Maria. ver detalle

publication date: 01/02/2011

Trevor Jones Immersion October 2010

Thank you for the 6 days immersion programme, I will come again I feel I know much more now... ver detalle

publication date: 01/10/2010

Jean Kerr-Hill Immersion August 2010

Maria’s teaching of verbs is very visual and takes away the grind of endless conjugated lists.I found her teaching methods a good combination of visual, audio and written work. No matter what stage you are at she can help you. ver detalle

publication date: 25/08/2010

Deborah Wainwright Immersion April 2010

I must say a very big THANK YOU for having me to stay I really enjoyed my Spanish immersion. I wanted a Spanish Language Course that I could really concentrate on so I looked on the Internet, I looked at a few and was more impressed with Maria's website. I got in touch we discussed what was going to happen and what I needed for the week and then we arranged the dates, ver detalle

publication date: 01/04/2010